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New York. The Beating Heart of the World

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Time Square

Thomas Edison. 1918


Think of New York

and immediately its brightness comes to the mind.
I feel honoured to say that it all began some time ago, in Menlo Park, when I focused my research on improving the filament of light bulbs. In October 1879, my collaborators and I had produced a light bulb with a charred cotton filament that could last up to fourteen hours! We continued to experiment with the filament,
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using one made of bamboo, which gave our bulb a life of up to one thousand two hundred hours. This filament became the starting point for Edison's light bulb for the next ten years. While other inventors were continually making small improvements to the process of manufacturing the filament and the efficiency of the bulb,

my team and I were working on the entire lighting system. What made my work extraordinary was that I never stopped improving the bulb, my aim was to make it more and more practical. As the years went by, we applied ourselves to making our devices not only more efficient, but also brighter.

I placed the world's first power plant in New York, and paved the way for electricity in the world. My greatest contribution to modern industrial society came from my work in the field of electricity.
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Time Square

Thomas Edison. 1918

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