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Jerusalem. People United in a Prayer

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Samuel's Tomb

Nebi Samuel. XI century BC


They buried me here, in the mists of time.

I am the prophet Samuel, son of Anna, a barren woman
who, thanks to her faith in Christ, managed to become pregnant with my person. Many believed that I was buried in Rama, my birthplace, but, fortunately, in the XII century AD, the traveller Benjamin of Tudela, noted exactly where my remains were taken, at the hands of the Crusaders. The site of Nebi Samuel,
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a favourite place of worship for Muslim pilgrims, is located on a very steep hill, north of the Ramot district. Nearby, there is a mosque built on the remains of an ancient Crusader church. My tomb and a small synagogue are located below the mosque. My cult is in fact shared by Jews and Christians, who, in separate places, make pilgrimages here every year.

My tomb has also seen many battles in its vicinity over the centuries: its strategic position, in fact, dominating the entire area of the city of Jerusalem, was exploited on several occasions as a place of control and patrol. I also had a fundamental political role in the life of the city:

I appointed Saul as king of the Jewish people and I made the choice of his successor fell on David, the king who would later be one of the most important in the monarchical life of Israel.
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Samuel's Tomb

Nebi Samuel. XI century BC

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