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Paris. Cafés, amis et impressions

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Paris, Musée Rodin

Auguste Rodin. 1880


I longed for this museum,

and before dying, I donated all my works to the French State.
This rococo building, a stone's throw from the Hôtel des Invalides, was my home for almost ten years. The museum would one day house not only my sculptures, but also photographs, drawings and works by painters such as Monet and Renoir. Its rooms also contain paintings by Van Gogh and Père Tanguy, which I collected with avidity and jealously guarded all my life.
Mercato di Rialto_03.png

Mine has been defined as "Impressionist sculpture" not only because I sculpted in the golden years of this current, but more precisely because of my ambition and my ability to depict the most fleeting appearances of reality and the most subtle modulations of light, aspirations that were typical of the Impressionists.

Because of my style based on light and movement, I was often compared to Impressionist artists such as Degas, Renoir and Medardo Rosso. I did not stop. I modelled in wax my beloved ballerinas and my opulent, bold female nudes, which would later be cast in bronze by Durand Ruel. In keeping with my paintings, I made several sculptures,

such as Venus Victrix. Medardo Rosso, a frequent visitor to Degas and Renoir, bequeathed to the world splendid works in clay, wax and bronze.
Mercato di Rialto_04.png
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Paris, Musée Rodin

Auguste Rodin. 1880

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Paul Cézanne. 1892

Paris, Louvre Museum

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