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Jerusalem. People United in a Prayer

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Old City

Suleiman the Magnificent. 1540 AD


It was I who built the walls of the Old City

of Jerusalem, which still stand proud today,
although other fortifications were built long before my arrival. The Old City is the ancient core of the city of Jerusalem, which still defines the existence of four distinct districts within it, as it has done for centuries. Here, in fact, Christians, Jews, Armenians and Muslims can find a place that welcomes them
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and makes them feel free to profess their faith, while maintaining their cultural beliefs. Today, the city is still accessible through seven gates, each with its own history and function. I personally built the Jaffa Gate, located in the centre of the West Wall. It is the gate that gives access to the Armenian quarter and, above all,

to the most important place of worship in Jerusalem, the Church of St James. This community, which arrived here long before the birth of Christ, together with the Romans, is said to have been the first to introduce official Christian worship in the city. The Christian quarter is located in the north-west corner of the area and borders the Muslim quarter

at the Damascus Gate. Right here, the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre is venerated by the faithful. The Jewish quarter is accessed through the Zion Gate, while the Muslim quarter, which is the largest and most populated, overlooks the Via Dolorosa, the initial part of the Way of the Cross.
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Old City

Suleiman the Magnificent. 1540 AD

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David. 970 BC

Tomb of King David

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