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Saint Petersburg. A Royal Dream on Ice

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Michajlovsky Castle

Paul I. 1799


The Michajlovsky Castle

is the only building in Russia in the Romantic Neoclassical style,
combining the features of a medieval castle with those of a centuries-old European palace. I, Grand Duke Paul Petrovich, was born in the castle in 1754. One day, I became king, with the name Paul I. When I ascended the throne, I ordered the demolition of the old wooden palace and replaced it with a new royal residence,
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following an order from Archangel Michael to build a new church. The castle represents my taste and my originality. I have always been original during my life; I was born with good looks, but consumption deformed my face, to the joy of my mother... I decided to have the walls painted brick red, to respect the colour of the Knights of Malta,

whom I took under my protection. The four façades have different architectural styles: the western one is crowned by an elegant spire, the northern one is reminiscent of a Renaissance palace and the more modest eastern one has a dome. When Peter 'the Great' was assassinated, his courtiers hastily left the castle, because some were afraid of his ghost...

Some legends arose about how the voice of the deceased ruler echoed in the corridors. I never wanted to believe it and it always made me smile whenever I saw the servants running away at night!
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Michajlovsky Castle

Paul I. 1799

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