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New York. The Beating Heart of the World

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Grand Central Station

Edith Wharton. 1936


It was 1921

when I became the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize
for Fiction for my novel The Age of Innocence. The book portrayed my hometown of New York and the adventures of the upper classes of West Coast American society, showing how they lived, with great attention to detail and accurate portrayal. Another novel of mine that became popular was The House of Myrtle,
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which began in Grand Cental Station in the Big Apple, where the main character, Lily Bart, was waiting for the train to Bellmont; while waiting, she met a friend who invited her to tea. From this moment on, the story moved through different temporal issues. I decided to set the plot in the most significant places in New York,

including Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue and the wonderful Grand Station; of course, the station I described was totally different from the one that was renovated in later years. However, it always retained a unique charm. Grand Station, in Midtown Manhattan, is a historic landmark, known all over the world and opened in 1913.

It has had a history of great engineering, survival and rebirth. This is the perfect place to include in any love story and the excellent meeting place for those who decide to 'meet under the clock', to sadly finish a novel or start a new one, before taking a train...
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Grand Central Station

Edith Wharton. 1936

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