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Istanbul. Between Cross and Crescent Moon

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Galata Tower

Mohammed II "the Conqueror". 1480


The tower of Galata,

built by the Genoese during the expansion of their colony
in Constantinople, is located in the middle of the Beyoglu district, further north of the so-called Golden Horn. It was used to spot fires, which explains its height of over sixty metres. From its top you can enjoy a grandiose view, perhaps the most fascinating in the whole city.
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Originally called the 'Tower of Christ', it is a medieval construction dating back to the 14th century and one of the most impressive monuments in Constantinople. It became almost a symbol because of its cylindrical shape topped by a cone. It could be considered the apex of the fortifications surrounding the Genoese citadel of Galata.

There was, however, a first tower here in Galata, called Megalos Pyrgos, which controlled the northern end of the huge chain that closed off the entrance to the Golden Horn. But this tower was in a very different place and was destroyed by the Crusaders in the early 13th century. The upper section of the tower, with its conical cap,

was slightly modified and restored by us Ottomans, in order to warn of fires, which turned out to be a real plague here in Constantinople. Probably the best time to climb the Galata Tower is in the late afternoon, so you can be on the viewing terrace at the time of a breathtaking sunset!
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Galata Tower

Mohammed II "the Conqueror". 1480

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Ahmed I. 1603

Hagia Sophia

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