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New York. The Beating Heart of the World

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Federal Hall

George Washington. 1789


On the 30th of April this year,

in New York, standing on the balcony of Federal Hall,
on Wall Street, I took my oath of office as the first President of the United States of America. The ceremony took place in Federal Hall, a historic building at No. 26 Wall Street in Manhattan's financial district. The name refers to two structures on the site: a Federal-style building completed in 1703. It was officially called Federal Hall and served as a meeting place
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for the Stamp Act Congress to draft messages to King George III. After the American Revolution, it served the Congress of the Confederacy, the first central government under the Articles of the Constitution. I was elected President, unanimously, when the new Constitution was ratified after the Philadelphia Convention. At the end of April,

I arrived on the Hudson River in a barge built and decorated for the occasion. I read my speech, in Congress, where I spoke of the experiment placed in the hands of the Americans. The evening celebration was opened and closed by thirteen rockets and thirteen cannons. The number thirteen is considered important,

among the founding fathers, and retains a very important meaning. Be that as it may, I am very proud of all that was accomplished on that magnificent day!
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Federal Hall

George Washington. 1789

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Thomas Edison. 1918

Time Square

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