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Saint Petersburg. A Royal Dream on Ice

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Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Alexander III of Russia. 1892


The days of my father, Alexander II,

were coming to an end, due to a terrorist group called "Will of the People",
after he introduced a series of reforms to try to win the approval of public opinion, both at home and abroad. In March 1881, in that wonderful place now known as the 'Church on Spilled Blood', he would be killed by a bomb blast. My son decided to have this church built in my honour; it was to be a private place of mourning for my death.
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I believe that Alexander II is happy to share the beauty of the church in which he is buried with passers-by. The charm of the church is striking from afar, with its golden domes, which, under the sunlight, shine to the delight of all our eyes. Like all Orthodox churches, it is finely adorned with splendid mosaics and covered with brightly coloured enamels,

like the Church of St Basil in Moscow, which reminds me so much of it. I look at its silhouette mirrored in the Ekaterininsky Canal and I am happy to have followed the architectural tradition of 'Great Orthodox Russia'. My father would have been very proud...

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Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Alexander III of Russia. 1892

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Catherine II of Russia. 1790

Saint Isaac's Cathedral

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