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Saint Petersburg. A Royal Dream on Ice

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Catherine's Palace

Elizabeth of Russia. 1751


My father, Peter, always adored me,

although he did not have much time to devote to me.
My mother, being uneducated, was unable to follow me in my studies in which I excelled. I am surrounded by the attentions of many knights, whom I never disdain and, indeed, abandon myself to love without reserve. When my parents died, I wanted to renovate our entire palace. I thought it was too modest,
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so I created a very luxurious residence in the Russian Baroque style. I stroll through the park, which has been enriched with new facilities for my leisure and for my visitors. Halls full of mirrors, where I love to admire myself, rooms filled with light, wooden details covered in gold... but above all, the Amber Room,

the Tsar's luxurious room, made up of a set of panels, wall protectors and furniture made of a thousand amber shards. Over the course of time, my name has been linked to this palace, and that's something to be proud of! I hope that fate will not be so cruel to it. It would be a pity if something of such high value were to vanish for some cause that, today,

an aristocrat like me cannot even imagine... Beautiful and opulent things must be well protected!
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Catherine's Palace

Elizabeth of Russia. 1751

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Aleksandr Menšikov. 1727

Menšikov Palace

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